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Standard Factory Profile

Standard Fluid Systems Co.,Ltd located in Foshan city, Guangdong province. Standard company is one of the largest professional manufacturer of screw pump 、dispenser valve in southern China. Standard company produce screw pump、dispenser valve in advanced technology ,perfect structure, diverse styles, complete specifications and durable quality.The screw pump of standard company were widely used in environmental protection sewage treatment, chemical industry, paper and pulp making, , food , pharmaceutical, Petroleum chemical industry, 3D print ,energy and other industries.

Can we provide sample customization and testing services?

We can customize products according to requirements and design optimal solutions.
Customers are welcome to send fluid samples, we will arrange the test as soon as possible according to the requirements, and send the test video and report in time, and provide professional advice.

What are the conveying fluids and application industries of progressive cavity pump?

Standard progressing cavity pump are ideal for applying or filling fluids with various properties, including low-high-viscosity fluids and fluids containing bubbles.
Metered application of high-viscosity fluids, and filling without altering the fluid state of the substance

Standard dispensers can be used to address issues such as these with a wide variety of fluids.
1) Low-viscosity fluids   2) Fluids containing bubbles or fluids easily changed   3) High-viscosity fluids   4) Fluids containing solids   5)Non-flowable fluids

Application Industry:
1)Food Industry   2) Automotive Industry   3)Chemical Industry   4)Cosmetic Industry   5)Electrical machinery Industry


Our excellent service

(1)Our screw pump series products have reasonable price, quality service, professional inspection. Welcome to customize.

(2)We have a special quality supervision department to ensure the quality of mass production.

(3)If the product has quality problems, we will deal with it at he first time, find out the cause and take responsibility.

(4) If you are interested in our products and companies, please leave a message or email us(  june@screwpump.top ), we will give you an answer with in 24 hours

Why choose us ?

1) Factory Direct Sales, no intermediate links, competitive price
2) Our machines are imported from Europe, the original machine factory, the production of stable product quality, do not use low quality equipment.
3) Ensure on-time delivery, procurement, we can provide the best quality of service control, transportation, documentation and so on.
4) We provide samples and OEM services.
5) We will reply to your enquiry within 24 hours.
6) More than 20 years of experience in this industry business, and professional team, so that our customers feel relaxed and comfortable working with us in
7) Please contact us by email( june@screwpump.top )and we will send you more pictures for more choices of our products.

Buyers Attention :

1) Can screw pump dry running ?
No, the conveying elements are permanently in contact with one another, which means that dry running must be avoided in progressive cavity pumps. The Standard dry-running protection device offers reliable protection.

2) What temperatures is suitable for using Standard pump ?
Standard progressive cavity pumps can be used at temperatures from 0 °C to 90° C.


How to make an order for Standard progressive cavity pump?

(1)Sample approval

(2)Client arrange 30-50% deposit after receiving our PI(pro forma invoice),

(3)We start bulk production and finish production within agreed lead time

(4)We send product photo and shipping documents to client

(5)Client arrange balance payment

(6)We arrange the delivery, and send original documents or telex release the goods

How fast can my Standard pump be delivered ?

Normally, standard pumps are delivered in 2 to 5 weeks. In urgent cases, delivery times between 2 to 5 days may be possible. Please contact us ( WhatsApp/Telephone: 0086 -189 4242 4342   Email:june@screwpump.top )

Packing; Transport

1) Standard export packing: We will pack pump and accessories in wooden boxes, put into container. shipmentby sea and air. .

2) The marks on the packing box are executed according to the international standard

3) Please check the packaging and integrity of goods when receiving them, Ifany damaged, please immediately report to the carrier.

4) Please kindly notice us if you have special packing requirements.

Still need help? Please send us a message.

If you are interested in our products and companies, please leave a message or email us, we will give you an answer within 24 hours.
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