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Barrel emptying pump

Item Number:2FM1.8cc-24cc



Output Pressure:18bar-36bar

Recommended Fluid Viscosity:0-6000000cps

Motor max  rpm/min:0-85rpm/min

recommended flow/second:0.36-5ml/s----8-68ml/s

Material Stator:FKM、EPDM、NBR

Material Screw:SUS304  SUS316

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Container and Barrel Emptying Systems 2FM

The Standard barrel emptying system for the reliable conveying and dosing of high-viscosity media out of barrels and containers consists of the components: Pneumatic lifting device, electrically driven dosing/conveying pump and follower plate.

Stardard 2FM series empty screw pump system is a positive displacement pump delivery system, when the bucket pump starts, the vacuum will be generated under the follower plate, at the same time, slight pressure is generated on the upper part of the material to ensure constant suction in the screw pump. Thus the material output uniform and smooth .

Standard 2FM series emptying screw pump system is suitable for emptying logistics, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, such as these industries with barrels or other containers filled.

In order to match the output of different flow, we are equipped with a modular pump design, according to the customer's flow requirements to configure suitable model of pump.

If you have any need for bucket cleaning, please contact us ( WhatsApp/ Wechat/ Telephone: 0086 18942424342 ) and we will help you find which mode is most suitable for your production process, to ensure that you find the right system (barrel emptying system, emptying tank system) to fully coordinate and meet your specific needs.

Applicable fluids

Food: Strawberry paste/ Tomato paste/ Mayonnaise/ Hamburger patty ingredients/ Sake lees/ Miso paste/ Candy/  Honey/ Butter/ Cheese/ Chocolate/ Bread dough

Chemical: Silicone resin/ Epoxy resin/ Urethane resin/ Vaseline/ Ointment, Paint/ Pigment/ Ink/ Sealants/ Putty/  Glass paste

Automotive: Grease/ Adhesive

Cosmetics: Beauty cream/ Emulsion/ Shampoo/ Conditioner/ Surfactant

Screw type barrel emptying pump advantages

(1). Direct use with standard drums (5 gallons) does not need to transfer materials to other containers, maximizes the utilization of raw materials, fully automates the fluid transfer process, and reduces the risk of external foreign body contamination due to closed transport

(2). Suitable for rough, shear sensitive, and even with solid particle filler materials

(3). Suitable for high viscosity, poor fluidity, high solid content medium, the highest viscosity of 6,000,000mPas

(4). Suitable for cylindrical, slightly vertebral, plastic drums or material drums with inner bag, and non-standard containers. The liquid scratches the inside of the container, thereby reducing material loss

(5). Make the medium uniform quantitative output, can be used as a precision dispensing equipment feeding and conveying device

(6). Compact volume, light weight, simple operation, can be convenient installation and operation

(7). A variety of specifications using modular assembly, suitable for a variety of different flow requirements

(8). The speed of bucket cleaning can be electrically adjusted and easy to operate

Other features of Standard 2FM series empty screw pump system

(1). Conveying materials with high cohesiveness, strong abrasion or high impurity content almost without shear

(2). Continuous or intermittent emptying

(3). Completely empty, with less than 1-2% remaining in the bucket

(4). No intermittent, stable, low pulsation transmission

(5). The pressure on the following plate in the barrel is minimal

(6). The conical barrel can be emptied

(7). Continuously adjust the capacity by controlling the speed of the deceleration motor

(8). Can be measured directly on the barrel

Standard 2FM series screw pump emptying system technical parameters chart

(1). Motor: stepper motor/servo motor

(2). Rotor material: 304 stainless steel (hardening treatment)

(3). Stator material: conventional FKM(fluorine rubber), according to the medium can choose NBR(nitril rubber), EPDM , etc

(4). Pump body material: 304 stainless steel

(5). Sealing ring material: conventional FKM (fluorine rubber) or EPDM

(6). Drum specification: 5 gallons (different configuration of follower plate for straight drum and cone drum )

In order to match different flow output requirements,the pump adopts modular design, can be matched with any of the following four pump types.(Model)( Permission Speed)(Recommend Speed)(Output Pressure)

Note: The speed varies according to the characteristics of the medium. For the medium with high viscosity, high solid content, high abrasiveness and poor fluidity, low speed should be selected as far as possible. For detailed selection, please contact our staff ( WhatsApp/ Wechat/ Telephone: 0086 18942424342 )

Operation precautions

(1).must ensure that there are sufficient materials in the rubber bucket, import and export pipes to ensure smooth, strictly prohibited dry operation.

(2).keep the barrel clean, rubber material can not be mixed with impurities, so as not to cause the glue valve stuck.

(3).feeding or rubber clearance time is greater than the curing time, the pipeline and rubber valve need to be sealed in real time.

(4). If the glue is not normal or not, check whether the reducing valve, the glue valve and the pipeline are plugged, and start the glue after cleaning. Forced operation will damage the equipment.

(5). Before installing the glue valve, it is necessary to confirm whether there is solidified glue in the pipeline and clean it up first.

(6). Air pressure according to the regulation, too high or too low will cause the machine to work abnormally or damage the cylinder and screw pump.

(7). Screw pump can not be disassembled, otherwise it will cause human injury and equipment damage.

(8). When the equipment stops working, the air source and exhaust must be cut off until the pressure gauge returns to zero, otherwise it will harm to equipment or human.

(9). Replacement parts, need to use the original parts, otherwise it will cause damage to the equipment.

(10). Electrical products must have grounding leakage protection device, otherwise it will cause human injury.

(11). It is strictly prohibited to disassemble or modify the machine, otherwise it will cause human injury.


1.Standard FM series pump emptying system features

At the core of the system is a vertically aligned screw pump. It transports materials gently, steadily and evenly from their respective containers. Like a piston in infinite circulation, it moves material from the suction end to the discharge end. The accompanying assembly is a follower plate with a flexible rubber disc and an operating unit. The screw pump is mounted directly on the follower plate - both are lowered together, and the flexible scraper ring or scraper tray accordingly seals inside the container.

The entire emptying system is housed in a base with a box, depending on the version and size. It can be pushed directly into the manufacturing plant or easily under the canning system.

2.Does Standard supply custom-made pumps ?

Yes, that's our specialty. Our modular system with varying designs and material combinations allows customization for almost every application. This means we develop the optimal technical and economical solution for your requirements.


3.Can Standard spare parts be ordered online ?

Yes, Standard screw pumps and spare parts as well as other brands universal parts can be ordered online. For order please contact us. ( WhatsApp/ Wechat/ Telephone: 0086 18942424342 )

4.How fast can my Standard pump be delivered ?

Normally, standard pumps are delivered in 2 to 5 weeks. In urgent cases, delivery times between 2 to 6 days may be possible. Please contact us . ( WhatsApp/ Wechat/ Telephone: 0086 18942424342 )


5.Product quality guarantee

According to the International standards, Pump 1 year warranty, spare parts 6 months warranty


Buyers Attention

(1). Are Standard pumps allowed to run dry ?

No, the conveying elements are permanently in contact with one another, which means that dry running must be avoided in progressive cavity pumps. The Standard dry-running protection device offers reliable protection.

(2). At what temperatures can Standard pumps be used ?

Standard progressive cavity pumps can be used at temperatures from 0 °C to 90° C.


Our services :

(1). Our screw pump series products have reasonable price, quality service, professional inspection. Welcome to customize.

(2). we have a special quality Supervision Department to ensure the quality of mass production.

(3). If the product has quality problems, we will deal with it at he first time, find out the cause and take responsibility.

(4). If you are interested in our products and companies, please leave a message or email us, we will give you an answer with in 24 hours

Why choose us ?

(1). Factory Direct Sales, no intermediate links, competitive price

(2). Our machines are imported from Europe, the original machine factory, the production of stable product quality, do not use low quality equipment.

(3). Ensure on-time delivery, we can provide the best quality of service control, transportation, documentation and so on.

(4). We provide samples and OEM services.

(5). We will reply to your enquiry with in 24 hours.

(6). More than 20 years of experience in this industry business, and professional team, so that our customers feel relaxed and comfortable working with us in

(7). Please contact us by email and we will send you more information.

How to make an order for Standard pump ?

(1). Sample approval

(2). Client arrange 30-50% deposit after receiving our PI (pro forma invoice)

(3). We start bulk production and finish production within agreed lead time

(4). We send product photo and shipping documents to client

(5). Client arrange balance payment

(6). We arrange the delivery, and send original documents or telex release the goods

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