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Hopper pump

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Item Number: ST01-ST12



Recommended Fluid Viscosity:0-6000000cps

Motor max(rpm)/min/:0-120rpm/min

Maximal dosing quantity/min:

Material Stator:FFKM FKM EPDM HNBR

Material Screw:SUS304 SUS306 AL

Motor:German   servo integrated motor

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Standard ST series Hopper Screw Pump with Hopper in Block Construction and Flanged Driv

Universally applicable – the Standard ST hopper-Shaped Progressing Cavity Pump

Standard ST Series hopper type single screw pump, compact structure, ideal for conveying brittle media
The St-series hopper type single screw pump has square/rectangular hopper, and has a connecting rod between propeller and squeeze cavity, which can be used in most industries to provide continuous, stable, steady and low pulsating conveying. This special design ensures that the material is better fed into the cavity between the rotor and the stator.
The other advantage of the single screw pump is that it can measure any medium in direct proportion to the rotational speed. ST series hopper type single screw pump for flange joint reducer motor straight-linked structure, compact and affordable.

Characteristicsof the Standard ST hopper-Shaped Progressing Cavity Pump

(1). Hopper cavity with rectangular inlet flange and spiral feeder and squeeze cavity,
To facilitate the flow of slow and paste medium into the rotor and stator between the cavity.
(2). Continuous low pulsation transmission, not affected by pressure and viscosity fluctuation
(3). The conveying capacity is proportional to the rotational speed, and can achieve high precision measurement in the whole speed range;
(4). High pressure no valve transmission
(5). The stator with hopper type feed mouth can make the medium easy to enter the conveying cavity
(6). Low noise, small vibration
(7). Wide range of flow and pressure

Advantages of Standard ST hopper-Shaped Progressing Cavity Pump offers you:

The advantages of the St-series hopper type single screw pump:

(1). Variable Modular System
(2). Different rotor/stator geometry and wide range of materials used
(3). Durable compact direct-linked structure
(4). Connector suitable for various applications
(5). Standard mechanical seals,other seals available

Extensive application:

Standard hopper type single-screw pump can be used in all industries , with continuous, stable, steady and low pulsating transmission of various media, and rotational speed proportional to the measurement of almost all media. Use hopper and screw feeder to facilitate conveying of slow-moving materials

The Standard ST series hopper type single-screw pump is mainly used for these characteristics of the media:

(1). Slow flow and low fluidity of   (2). medium containing   (3). of solid materials) shear sensitivity of   (4). lubricity or non-lubricity  (5).Thixotropy and distensibility  (6).abradability  (7). viscidity

Can transport:

(1). High viscosity, compaction, fragile,media that do not produce a bridging
(2). Slow flow and non-free flow, solid material fluid medium

For example:

Thickening or concentrated sludge, sticky paste, cod liver oil, fish eggs, sausage sauce, lard, dough, potato residue, etc.

Excellent construction system of straight-linked single screw pump

(1). Rotor: abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance design
(2). Stator: Tube vulcanization, both ends sealed, using a variety of rubber, plastic and metal materials.
(3). Connecting Rod:The connecting rod is provided with a screw feeder and a squeeze chamber, which facilitates the feeding of the material into the cavity between the rotor and the stator, with two universal joints that transmit power from the drive device to the rotor.
(4). Shaft sleeve: The standard structure is a single end face, can be positive and negative rotating, wear-resistant mechanical seals. According to user requirements, can also be used by different manufacturers to provide different types of single/double end mechanical seals, assembly and other special sealing, and packing seals
(5). Suction chamber and discharge body: the suction chamber is fitted with a square/rectangular hopper. Hopper size can be adjusted according to specific application.
Use flanges or threaded connections that conform to DIN standards and other international standards. The materials used are cast iron, carbon steel stainless steel and special materials according to customer's requirements.
(6). Bearing SEAT structure: The whole pump runs more smoothly.
(7). Universal joint: The screw pump has the correct joint, which has a decisive influence on the operation reliability and life cycle cost.
(8). Bracket: independent support foot; Rod; Simplifies assembly and maintenance procedures
(9). Sew Reducer Motor: The standard-equipped reducer motor for the screw pump is a German sew or Nord, which can also match customer requirements.


1) What products does Standard offer ? 

Standard offers screw pump, Screw pump accessories, and the global solution of the fluid system product.
The product range summary of Standard
Progressive cavity pumps for conveying and metering low to highly viscous media with or without solids
Macerators for macerating solid and fibrous components in the medium
Control systems for monitoring, regulating and controlling processes
Services: consulting, commissioning, maintenance, NE - - - - - , SE - - - - , MO - - - - , and VIS - - - - - Universal Spare parts, repairs and various service contract

2) Does Standard supply custom-made pumps ?

Yes, this is our specialty, we customize different design and material combinations for each application's modular system. This means that we develop the best technology and the most economical solution for your needs.

3) Can Standard spare parts be ordered online ?

Yes, Standard screw pumps and spare parts as well as other brands Universal accessories can be ordered online. For order please contact us ( WhatsApp/ Wechat/ Telephone: 0086 -189 4242 4342 )

4) How fast can my Standard pump be delivered ?

Normally, standard pumps are delivered in 2 to 6 weeks. In urgent cases, delivery times between 2 to 6 days may be possible. Please contact us ( WhatsApp/ Wechat/ Telephone: 0086 -189 4242 4342 )

5) Product quality guarantee

According to the international standard, whole pump 1 year warranty, spare parts 6 months warranty

Buyers Attention: 

(1). Can screw pump dry running ?

No, the conveying elements are permanently in contact with one another, which means that dry running must be avoided in progressive cavity pumps. The Standard dry-running protection device offers reliable protection.

(2). What temperatures is suitable for using Standard pump ?

Standard progressive cavity pumps can be used at temperatures from -10 °C to 90° C

Why choose us ?

(1). Factory Direct Sales, no intermediate links, competitive price
(2). Our machines are imported from Europe, the original machine factory, the production of stable product quality, do not use low quality equipment.
(3). Ensure on-time delivery, procurement, we can provide the best quality of service control, transportation, documentation and so on.
(4). We provide samples and OEM services.
(5). We will reply to your enquiry with in 24 hours.
(6). More than 20 years of experience in this industry business, and professional team, so that our customers feel relaxed and comfortable working with us in
(7). Please contact us by Email and we will send you more pictures for more choices of our products.

How to make an order for Standard pump ?

(1). Sample approval

(2). Client arrange 30-50% deposit after receiving our PI (pro forma invoice)

(3). We start bulk production and finish production within agreed lead time

(4). We send product photo and shipping documents to client

(5). Client arrange balance payment

(6). We arrange the delivery, and send original documents or telex release the goods

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