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hygienic progresing cavity pump

food product pump / progressive cavity / for hygienic applications

Item Number: SS01-S12



Recommended Fluid Viscosity:0-6000000cps

Motor max(rpm)/min/:0-120rpm/min

Maximal dosing quantity/min:

Material Stator:FFKM FKM EPDM HNBR

Material Screw:SUS304 SUS306 AL

Motor:German  SEW motor

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Description of the Standard SS series Food/ Hygiene Screw Pump

Product Introduction

The Standard SS Hygienic Pump can be used in food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and chemical/biochemical industries for hygienic applications as well as the best cleaning options.

This kind of pump can provide ideal continuous, stable, steady and low pulsating conveying, and the measurement is proportional to rotational speed.

Because of its bearing straight-joint structure flange connecting the drive device,The structure is very compact and inexpensive.

The characteristicsof Standard SS Hygienic Pump

(1). Continuous low pulsation transmission, not affected by pressure and viscosity fluctuation

(2). The conveying capacity is proportional to the rotational speed, and can achieve high precision measurement in the whole speed range.

(3). High suction capacity and high-pressure valveless transmission, up to 9 m water column

(4). Transfer direction can be converted

(5). The stator with hopper type feed mouth can make the medium easy to enter the conveying cavity

(6). Vertical or Horizontal installation

Material for conveying

(1) .Shear Sensitivity

(2) .viscosity from low to high

(3) .lubricity or non-lubricating property

(4) . medium contains or does not contain solid material

(5) .Thixotropy and Expansibility

(6) . Abrasion-Resistance

(7) . Sticky

Such as

cream, mustard, mayonnaise, yogurt, soft cheeses, chunky sauces, eggs, milk, curd cheeses, honey, marmalade, syrup, ketchup, sourdough and many others.

The advantages of the Standard SS Hygienic Pump

(1). Smooth conveying of sensitive media under hygienic conditions, conveying medium under vacuum or near absolute vacuum condition

(2). Suitable for the food industry, with pressure-resistant bolt seal sleeve can be used for reverse rotation and reverse transmission, to achieve the maximum pump pressure

(3).Smooth and seamless chamber structure to prevent media deposition

(4). All the surface contact with the medium is smooth, can prevent the accumulation of media, easy to clean the sanitary joints suitable for lubrication media

(5). The pump cavity and the stator can be selectively heated

(6). The stator and different rubber gaskets can be used in food industry

(7). Anti-pollution, sterile pump structure with long cycle, on-line cleaning and steam disinfection capacity

(8). Low noise, small vibration

(9). Easy Maintenance


(1) Rotor: abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance design

(2)Stator: In order to adapt to the temperature change, can choose the different stator material.

In addition, the stator thermal protector can provide overheating and dry running protection.

The stator inlet is hopper type, and the medium is easily transported to the conveying cavity.

(3) Sanitary connector: Clean-type sanitary joint can be removable cleaning.

(4) Coupling rod: The coupling rod is provided with two universal joints , which transmits the power from the driving device to the rotor.

(5) Shaft sleeve: shaft sleeve apply to the food industry, with pressure-resistant bolt shaft seals, can be reversed rotation, to achieve maximum transmission pressure.

(6) Stator protection casing: made of stainless steel (optional) , or customer's requirements.

(7) Straight-connected structure: The driving device is directly connected with the flange to the straight frame, the structure is compact, the total weight is small, has the fixed axial height, it is not related to the type and size of the drive device, and the maintenance is simple and efficient.

(8) Bracket: independent support foot; Rod; Simplifies assembly and maintenance procedures

(9) Sew Reducer Motor: The standard-equipped reducer motor for the screw pump is a German SEW or NORD, which can also match customer requirements.

Optional Components

Conveying Screw and hopper Housing

For slowly flowing and pasty substances, the pump is optionally equipped with a conveying screw and hopper housing for optimal filling of the conveying chamber.

The maintenance of vulnerable parts

(1) .Rotor and stator

The wear rate of the two components is related to many factors, such as the wear characteristics, rotational speed and pressure of the pumping material. When the pump performance is reduced to meet the requirements, the stator and rotor should be replaced with a component or two simultaneous replacement.

(2) .Drive Shaft

The wear rate of the filler contact surface depends on many factors, such as the abrasion and rotational speed of the medium. Constant maintenance of filler can maximize the service life of the pump shaft. When shaft seals fail, the shafts and fillers need to be replaced at the same time.

(3) .Connecting rod Assembly

Regular maintenance and lubrication can maximize the service life of the connecting parts. When the parts appear obvious wear and tear, should replace the connecting parts connecting the component, if necessary, can replace the whole shaft

1) What products does Standard offer ?

Standard offers screw pump, Screw pump accessories, and the global solution of the fluid system product.

The product range summary of Standard

Progressive cavity pumps for conveying and metering low to highly viscous media with or without solids

Macerators for macerating solid and fibrous components in the medium

Control systems for monitoring, regulating and controlling processes

Services: consulting, commissioning, maintenance, NE - - - - - ,  SE - - - - , MO - -, and VIS - - - - - , Universal Spare parts, repairs and various service contracts


2) Does Standard supply custom-made pumps ?

Yes, this is our specialty, we customize different design and material combinations for each application's modular system. This means that we develop the best technology and the most economical solution for your needs.


3) Can Standard spare parts be ordered online ?

Yes, Standard screw pumps and spare parts as well as other brands Universal accessories can be ordered online. For order please contact us.

4) How fast can my Standard pump be delivered ?

Normally, standard pumps are delivered in 2 to 6 weeks. In urgent cases, delivery times between 2 to 6 days may be possible. Please contact us ( Telephone/Whatsapp/Telephone: 0086 189 4242 4342 )

5) Packing;Transport

(1) Standard export packing: We will pack pump and accessories in wooden boxes, put into container. shipmentby sea and air.

(2) The marks on the packing box are executed according to the international standard

(3) Please check the packaging and integrity of goods when receiving them, Ifany damaged, please immediately report to the carrier.

(4) Please kindly notice us if you have special packing requirements.

Buyers Attention

Can screw pump dry running ?

No, the conveying elements are permanently in contact with one another, which means that dry running must be avoided in progressive cavity pumps. The Standard dry-running protection device offers reliable protection.

What temperatures is suitable for using Standard pump ?

Standard progressive cavity pumps can be used at temperatures from -10 °C to 90° C

Our services :

(1). Our screw pump series products have reasonable price, quality service, professional inspection. Welcome to customize.

(2). we have a special quality Supervision Department to ensure the quality of mass production.

(3). If the product has quality problems, we will deal with it at he first time, find out the cause and take responsibility.

(4). If you are interested in our products and companies, please leave a message or email us, we will give you an answer with in 24 hours

Why choose us ?

(1). Factory Direct Sales, no intermediate links, competitive price

(2). Our machines are imported from Europe, the original machine factory, the production of stable product quality, do not use low quality equipment.

(3). Ensure on-time delivery, we can provide the best quality of service control, transportation, documentation and so on.

(4). We provide samples and OEM services.

(5). We will reply to your enquiry with in 24 hours.

(6). More than 20 years of experience in this industry business, and professional team, so that our customers feel relaxed and comfortable working with us in

(7). Please contact us by Email and we will send you more information.

How to make an order for Standard pump ?

(1). Sample approval

(2). Client arrange 30-50% deposit after receiving our PI (pro forma invoice),

(3). We start bulk production and finish production within agreed lead time

(4). We send product photo and shipping documents to client

(5). Client arrange balance payment

(6). We arrange the delivery, and send original documents or telex release the goods

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