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Transcendence and Innovation
Strving progressive cavity pump industry-leading brand

Corporate culture

Core values

Achieve customers: Serving customers is the reason for the existence of Standard Company, and customer needs are the driving force for the development of Stande Company.

Hard work: Standard Company believes that hard work is the only way to win the respect and trust of customers. Adhere to putting the strivers first, so that they can receive reasonable rewards.

Self criticism: Persisting in self criticism can make it easier to respect and cooperate with others, and achieve the common development of customers, companies, teams, and individuals.

Open and enterprising: Actively enterprising, daring to explore, adhering to openness and innovation.

Sincerity and trustworthiness: Integrity is the most important asset of Standard Company, and Standard Company adheres to winning customers with integrity.

Teamwork: Raise your glass to celebrate when you win, and fight to save when you fail.

Service Philosophy

Respecting and understanding of customers, continuing to provide products and services beyond customer expectations, being customers forever partner. This is the service concept we always adhere to and advocate.

1. Firstly, the first thing we think about is the customer.

Firstly, at every step of development, the first thing we think about is the customer. After the enterprise changes from a seller's market to a buyer's market, the customer is more willing to accept good quality goods (or services) in the face of a large number of goods (or services). The quality here not only refers to the internal quality of products, but also includes a series of factors such as product packaging quality and service quality. Therefore, it is necessary to meet the needs of customers comprehensively and to the maximum extent. Research, design, and improve services from the perspective of the customer (or consumer), not the company. Improve the service system, strengthen the pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, to help customers in the use of commodities in a timely manner to solve all kinds of problems, so that customers feel great convenience. Attach great importance to customers' opinions, let customers participate in decision-making, and deal with customers' opinions as an important part of customer satisfaction. Do everything you can to keep your existing customers. Establish all customer-centered mechanisms. Among them, the establishment of various institutions, service process reform, etc., should be centered on customer needs, and establish a rapid response mechanism to customer opinions.

2. Secondly, the customer is always right.

Secondly, the customer is always right

First, customers are buyers of goods, not troublemakers;

Second, customers know their own needs and hobbies best, which is exactly the information that enterprises need to collect;

Third, because customers have a "natural consistency", a quarrel with one customer is a quarrel with all customers.

3. Thirdly, customer satisfaction three elements.

Product satisfaction: customer satisfaction with product quality.

Service satisfaction: refers to the customer's positive attitude towards the pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service of the purchased goods. No matter how good a product is or how reasonably priced it is, when it comes to the market, it must rely on services. "After-sales service to create permanent customers".

Enterprise image satisfaction: refers to the public's positive evaluation of the enterprise's comprehensive strength and overall impression.

4. Fourthly, SINCERITY "5S".

Fourthly, SINCERITY "5S" , which means "SMILE, SPEED, SINCERITY, SMART and STUDY". The concept of "5S" is the most representative innovation of service culture, which is not only humanized with the characteristics of The Times, but also has considerable operability.

Smile: A moderate smile. Salesman to customers have considerate heart, it is possible to send a real smile. Smile can reflect the gratitude of the heart and mind of tolerance, smile can show cheerful, healthy and considerate.

Speed: refers to "quick action", it has two meanings: one is the physical speed, that is, work as fast as possible, do not let the customer wait; The second is the speed of the demonstration, the salesman sincere action and considerate heart will cause customer satisfaction, so that they do not feel that the waiting time is too long, to rapid action performance vitality, do not let customers wait is an important measure of service quality.

Sincerity: If the salesman is sincere for customer service, customers will be able to understand. To work in a sincere and not hypocritical attitude, is an important basic attitude of the salesman and the basic principle of doing things.

Smart: clever, neat, neat. To receive customers in a clean and neat way, to dexterous, agile, elegant action to package goods, with flexible and ingenious working attitude to gain customer trust.

Studay: Always learn and master commodity knowledge, study customer psychology and reception and coping skills. Weekdays more efforts to study customers' buying psychology, sales and service skills, learn more professional knowledge of goods, will not only be in the reception of customers on the level to improve, but also will have better results.

We are in business, of course, first and foremost to make a profit, but not just to make money, and it can't be mercenary. Profit is payment for good service. The pursuit of profit process, that is, through dedication sincere service and excellent products, so that customers are satisfied, willing to return. We are not eager for quick success.

Service Process

Contract signing

Composition of product production agreement:
Customer and Stende Company signed "Guangdong Stende Fluid System Co., LTD. Sales Contract" after reaching the product production agreement.

1. Contract signing

Composition of product production agreement:

Customer and Stende Company signed "Guangdong Stende Fluid System Co., LTD. Sales Contract" after reaching the product production agreement.

Binding contents of sales contract:

1. Product name, specification, quality (technical index), quantity, unit price, total price, etc

2. Product packaging specifications and expenses

3. Acceptance method

4. Payment and settlement methods for goods and fees

5. Delivery method

6. Liability for breach of contract

2. Applicable scope of sales contract

Regional restrictions: this contract is suitable in mainland China;

Industry restrictions: this contract is suitable in trade of button industry.

Legal validity of sales contract:

This contract is signed by both parties, which have two copies, each side hold one.

The contract will be invalid after the supplier sent all the goods to the buyer, then the buyer check and accept the goods before clear all payment according to this contract.

During the period of executing this contract, any additional unaccomplished matters concerned by both the supplier and buyer should be enclosed to the contract, and all supplementary provisions have the same legal effect as the contract.

The form of contract signing: In written form, E-mail.

3. Declaration of breach

1. Economic responsibility of the supplier

(1) If the specifications, varieties and quality of the products do not conform to the provisions of the contract and cannot be used, the supplier shall be responsible for warranty, return and replacement.

(2) If the supplier fails to deliver the goods in accordance with the quantity stipulated in the contract, the Demander shall make up for the short delivery if necessary. The demander may return the goods if it does not need them. The loss caused by the return of goods shall be borne by the supplier.

(3) If the product packaging does not conform to the Contract, the Supplier shall be responsible for the repair or repackaging and bear the cost of such repair or repackaging.

(4) If the delivery time of the products is not in conformity with the provisions of the Contract, Party B shall pay Party A a fine of 10 ‰ of the total value of the delayed payment for each day delayed.

2. Economic responsibilities of the demander

(1) If the Demander changes the product specification, variety, quality or package specification midway, it shall reimburse part of the payment for the change (or package value).

(2) If the Demander returns the goods midway, it shall negotiate with the Supplier in advance. If the Supplier agrees to return the goods, the Demander shall pay the Supplier a fine of 30% of the total value of the returned goods. If the supplier does not agree to return the goods, the demander shall still receive the goods in accordance with the contract.

(3) For the materials submitted by the Demander itself, if the Demander fails to take delivery of the goods on the specified date, the delay in production shall be borne by the Demander.

(4) If the demander fails to pay to the Supplier on the prescribed date, the deferred payment shall be calculated at the interest rate of Bank of China and be regarded as a deferred penalty.

Performance Pledge

To maximize the needs of customers at different price levels.

1. Price guarantee

Product quality and price unity,

To maximize the needs of customers at different price levels.

2. Quality assurance

Our company does not assume quality responsibility conditions

(1) User's artificial damage;

(2) Product damage caused by incorrect use of products in the production process;

Our company assumes the quality responsibility conditions

(1) Product appearance: there are great differences in appearance and size;

(2) Product performance: refer to enterprise standards or customer standards have great differences;

If the above three quality problems occur, if the customer cannot receive the product, our company will accept the return of the product and restart production.

3. Service guarantee

(1) Free product design

(2) Provide new product information free of charge

(3) The customer service specialist provides one-stop service of receiving/documentary/shipping/receiving/collection throughout the whole process

(4) From 08:00AM to 20:00PM, we provide hotline service throughout the whole process, so that if you have any questions, we will respond in the first time!

4. Delivery guarantee

Try our best to meet the customer requirements of delivery, to achieve high efficiency, high standards.

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