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Item Number:SK-2M-PEN450



Recommended Fluid Viscosity:0-6000000cps

Delivery Revolution(ml): 0.12ml/rpm

Motor max(rpm)/min/:0-120rpm/min

Maximal dosing quantity/min:14.5ml/min

Material Stator:FFKM FKM EPDM HNBR

Material Screw:SUS304  SUS306  AL

Motor:German brushless DC servo integrated motor

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Description of fluid dispensing valve seriesproduct 

Standard SK-M2-PEN Series products are suitable for a variety of viscous characteristics of the medium (up to 6,000.000mpas), which bring you the pulse-free, low shear, high-precision, quantitative linear transmission of the new design concept.
Standard screw dispensing valves, adhesive pumps, filling systems and other products are widely used in the world of consumer electronics, automotive electronics, solar energy, food, daily cosmetics, chemical, steel, paint, 3D printing and other industries.


The SK-2M-PEN series of two-component dispensers are known for their accuracy and performance and are easy to integrate in a fully automatic dispensing solution. From microbeads to small filling processes, a variety of liquids can be mixed and distributed. Over the years, SK-2M-PEN300; Models of SK-2M-PEN450 and SK-2M-PEN600(minimum dose from 0.005 ml to 0.03 ml) have been confirmed in the market. Now, a new SK-2M-PEN150 (0.0006 ml of the lowest dose) has been developed to achieve the gap in microdosing.

SK-2M-PEN Series (SK-2M-PEN150; SK-2M-PEN300 ; SK-2M-PEN450 ; SK-2M-PEN600 ; SK-2M-PEN750; SK-2M-PEN1000; SK-2M-PEN1500; Etc.), come in different sizes and can be used for different applications. Can be integrated into the existing production line and can also be applied to the desktop dispensing.

Stardard has continuously improved and innovated its SK-2M-PEN dispensing screw valve series in order to adapt to the accurate transmission of various media viscosity from low to high.

Function principle

SK-2M-PEN series screw valves are designed with screw structure and pressure-proof seal. The rotor and stator are self-sealing and easy to replace. The transmission function is realized by directional rotation of the rotor in the stator cavity. The conveying process does not produce shear effect on the medium, so it does not have any effect on the properties of the medium. At the same time, it can easily realize the suction function of the media through the motor reversal, to ensure the cleanliness of the media and materials, and completely solve the problem of the media dripping and drawing.


1) To ensure the perfect uniformity of the starting point, corners and end of the glue line

2) Output flow constant, steady, no pulsation, no shear

3) Accurate metering, flow error less than 1%, special model less than 0.5%

4) Especially suitable for all kinds of ultra small flow situation, the minimum flow can reach 0.002ml

5) Apply to all kinds of high viscosity, granular media, the highest viscosity can reach 6,000,000cps

6) The output flow is proportional to the rotational speed and is not affected by the change of viscosity, pressure and temperature of the media.

7) A good self-priming and suction function, to avoid the media dripping, drawing, dropping and other phenomena

Applicable Medium

1)Automotive industry: engine, body, lamp, window, airbag, Cooler, tubing, ABS, ESP, sensors, such as dispensing, potting application

2)Electronics industry: All kinds of touch screen, Shell package, PCB board, components, connectors, insulators, speakers and other dispensing, potting application

3)Photovoltaic solar energy: conductive slurry delivery, wafer cutting components of rubber conveyor, junction box bonding, potting, assembly seals, etc.

Application Industry

(1)Automotive industry: engine, body, lamp, window, airbag, Cooler, tubing, ABS, ESP, sensors, such as dispensing, potting application
(2)Electronics industry: All kinds of touch screen, Shell package, PCB board, components, connectors, insulators, speakers and other dispensing, potting application
(3)Photovoltaic solar energy: conductive slurry delivery, wafer cutting components of rubber conveyor, junction box bonding, potting, assembly seals, etc.

SK-2M-PEN suitable for all kinds of high viscosity, shearing sensitivity, grinding media

1) Silicone Resin

2)  Metal Slurry

3) Viscous medium (anaerobic medium)

4) Coating

5) High precision point coating

6) Can be integrated with robots and axes 

Applicable Medium

1) A variety of adhesives, silicone, two-component adhesive, packaging, sealant, etc.

2) All kinds of solder paste, conductive slurry, RTV gum, anaerobic rubber, epoxy resin, polyurethane, etc.

3) A variety of UV paint, coating, thick paint, solvent paint, additives, suspension agent, viscous raw materials, emulsion, grease and so on

SK-2M-PEN450 Product Description

The new volume precision metering valve SK-2M-PEN450 produced by Standard is mainly used in medium transmission from low to high viscosity .


The best volume precision quantitative transport---widely used in various dispensing, line coating, filling, sealing application occasions

Scope of Application

(1)Electronics Industry
(2)Semiconductor industry
(4)PV Solar Energy industry
(5)Pharmaceutical Industry
(6) biochemical industry
(8)optics and optoelectronics industry

Technical Features

(1) true volumetric conveying
(2)back-suction function
(3) is suitable for all kinds of viscous media
(4)easy to clean
(5)flow is not affected by pressure change
(6)Precision Measurement
(7) no need to install any valve
(8)transmission pressure range 16-20 Bar


Item Number:


Dimensions: (Single valve)

(L)290mm;  ø 33 mm



Input Pressure(bar):


Output Connection(bar):


Input Connection:


Output Connection:

Luer lock with O ring

Recommended Fluid Viscosity min/max(cps):


Delivery Revolution(ml):


Motor min/max(rpm):


Maximal dosing quantity/min(ml/min):


Accuracy Of Dosing:


Material Screw:


Material Stator:


Material Contact Part:



German brushless DC servo integrated motor with drive and reducer

(1) The maximum working pressure is proportional to the self sealing force and viscosity, which can be calculated by the data provided by the manufacturer.

(2) The transport rate is proportional to the speed of the micro pump.

(3) Volume flow depends on viscosity and primary pressure.

Technical data comparison of SK-2M-PEN series pump 

Medium viscosity chart 



The endless piston principle?

(1)The functional principle of the Standard dispenser is similar to that of an endless piston dispenser .

(2)The special conveying geometry enables continuous , pulsation - free dispensing flow . Reversing the direction of rotation ( suck - back function ) prevents dripping and leads to a controlled thread break of the material . Standard delivers high - precision and clean dispensing results .

(3)Particularly sensitive material with high viscosity and filers are treated gently due to the low shear stress and low pressures.


What kind of medium can be dosed with the SK-M-PEN series ?

(1) Light cured epoxy resin, toluene, phenol, production agent, heat curing, gasoline, high filling liquid,

(2) Shear sensitive adhesive, LED resin taste, hot conductive paste, solder paste, room temperature vulcanized rubber, silver paste, flux

(3)Industrial oils, perfumes, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, biological suspensions, silicone, lubricants, alcohol, MEK, thermal grease,

(4)Polyurethane, solder paste, paint and ink, primer, acetone, epoxy, electrolyte solution, isopropyl alcohol and so on.


What can be the reason for too little or no flow of medium ?

(1) Potential cause: Motor (dispenser cable) is not connected
Solution: Connect motor to eco-CONTROL unit Check all connections!

(2) Potential cause: Dosing needle is blocked, dosing needle is bent
Solution: Clean and replace the dosing needle
(3) Potential cause: Medium has hardened / cured
Solution: Clean the dispenser
(4) Potential cause: The dosing needle is too small or too long

Solution: Use a different dosing needle cross-section Reduce Dosing speed / flow rate
(5) Potential cause: Insufficient supply of medium
Solution: Increase the supply pressure. Check for air-bubbles. Check the hose line.

(6) Potential cause: Stator is swollen
Solution: Check material resistance, contact manufacturer


Why is it leaking or spilling after delivery ?

(1)Potential cause: Reverse flow not properly adjusted

Solution: Adjusting the reverse flow (instructions in the Operation manual)

(2)Potential cause: Bubbles in Medium

Solution: Ventilation medium

(3)Potential cause: Medium is compressible

Solution: Medium degassing.


Our services :

(1)Our screw pump series products have reasonable price, quality service, professional inspection. Welcome to customize.

(2)we have a special quality Supervision Department to ensure the quality of mass production.

(3)If the product has quality problems, we will deal with it at he first time, find out the cause and take responsibility.

(4) If you are interested in our products and companies, please leave a message or email us, we will give you an answer within 24 hours


Why choose us ?

(1)Factory Direct Sales, no intermediate links, competitive price

(2)Our machines are imported from Europe, the original machine factory, the production of stable product quality, do not use low quality equipment.

(3)Ensure on-time delivery, we can provide the best quality of service control, transportation, documentation and so on.

(4)We provide samples and OEM services.

(5)We will reply to your enquiry within 24 hours.

(6)More than 20 years of experience in this industry business, and professional team, so that our customers feel relaxed and comfortable working with us in

(7)Please contact us by email (june@screwpump.top) and we will send you more information.


How to make an order for Standard screw pump ?

(1)Sample approval

(2)Client arrange 30% deposit after receiving our PI(pro forma invoice),

(3)We start bulk production and finish production within agreed lead time

(4)We send product photo and shipping documents to client

(5)Client arrange balance payment

(6)We arrange the delivery, and send original documents or telex release the goods

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